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Friday, 8 October 2010

Borobudur temple

Borobudur is a Hindhu-Buddhist temple built in the 9th century under the Syailendra dynasty of java. It is located near magelang, on the island of java, Indonesia. Abandoned in the 11th century and partially excavated by or chaelogists in the early 20th century. Borobudur temple is well. Known all over the world.
Influenced by the Gupta architecture of India, the temple is contrusted on a hill of 46 m (150ft) high. And consist of eight-step like stone terraces. One on top of the other. The first five terraces are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Buddhist sculpture in circle of bell-shaped stupas (Buddhist shrines).
The entire edifice is crowned by a large stupa at the center of the top circle. The way to the summit extended through some 4.8 km of passages and stairways. The design of Borobudur, a temple-mountain, symbolizing the structure of universe, is similiar to the temples built at Angkor, Cambodia.
The Borobudur temple, rededicated as an Indonesia national monument in 1983, is avaluable treasure for Indonesia people.
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